Pest Free PRO Unit (covers up to 400sqm)

$299.95 inc. gst

The Plug-In Pest Free PRO

Perfect for small businesses, and larger homes, the PRO unit covers up to 400sqm.





Specifically designed for:
* Small Businesses *Fast Food Outlets *Large and Rural Homes *Wineries *Cafes *Delicatessens*Restaurants

PLUG-IN Pest Free PRO is our strongest performing domestic unit and an international bestseller. Covering up to 400sqm it is ideal for larger family homes as well as small businesses and is HACCP approved!

The PLUG-IN Pest Free PRO unit offers the dual function process similar to our Commercial unit, rather than the Domestic Unit’s single function. That’s a whole lot of protection for just $299.95, including postage and packaging!


The one-off cost of this scientifically proven chemical-free technology, which has been a leader in Australia and overseas since 1995, will not only save small business owners thousands of dollars for ongoing chemical pest control treatments over the years of service a unit will offer, but also provide the added benefit of being so much healthier for you and the environment, than the application of toxic and poisonous chemicals.


Yes! The patented Pest Free technology will not affect humans, cats, dogs, birds, computers, wireless security systems or the electricity flow within the building Plug-In Pest Free has been installed. Plug-In Pest Free is family safe, non-toxic, chemical free and above all, Environmentally Friendly!

Plug-In Pest Free is maintenance free and is designed to last for years. Plug-In Pest Free makes an ideal gift for family and friends too, as Plug-In Pest Free is the gift that keeps on giving 24/7 year after year.

The Pest Free technology will not affect cats, dogs, birds,  and is also safe for computers as it works with the normal electricity flow in a building.  It is family safe, non-toxic and environmentally responsible,  The product offers long-term cost-effective protection and is maintenance free.  Simply plug in and forget.  We have had considerable feedback from customers that after installing Plug-In Pest Free, they notice a remarkable reduction in ant activity too.


Plug-In Pest Free has been scientifically tested against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches. However, over the years many happy Plug-In Pest Free users from all over the world have informed us of their delight how Plug-In Pest Free has also rid their homes and businesses of many other pest problems including, ants, some spiders, bats, possums etc. The list goes on. What else will you report back to us?

Plug-In Pest Free isn’t designed to kill, but to drive away. Although many Plug-In Pest Free users often find smaller pests laying around dehydrated and/or dead. So if you are currently experiencing pest problems, we would suggest you try Plug-In Pest Free and see if you too will join the millions of happy Plug-In Pest Free users from around the world.


All Pest Free products come with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturers warranty on parts and labour.  Please note, goods under guarantee must be returned ‘as new’.  Any items that have been damaged, forced open, marked or defaced, are NOT covered by our guarantee, and we are unable to provide refunds for these units.

If you prefer to not pay online, you can download a pdf order form here: order-form.

Do not be mislead into buying other ‘Pro’ branded ‘copycat’ items, that still require you to have 3-4 units to cover a home half the size!!!  Pest Free is the ONLY scientifically tested and proven electromagnetic pest control products on the market, with a 23-year history of success.