Using pesticides as pest control

Insecticide treatments can work well for a time, but the poison will inevitably be lost by:

  1. Cleaning, washing, water-basting and rain wash away the chemicals. Chemicals can also be lost by simply living in or using the premises.
  2. Both sunlight and artificial light degrade many pesticides.
  3. Pesticides are effective when initially applied but usually become covered with dust.
  4. Porous surfaces such as mud, dirt, brick (including damp dust) and cement absorb the poisons.
  5. Chemicals degrade, especially on very alkaline surfaces.
  6. The active chemical evaporates.

Challenges and risks:

  1. Application areas should be cleaned prior to application.
  2. Pesticides are poisonous, and no matter how carefully they are used, they inevitably carry risk when used near people, animals or in confined spaces. They can affect your skin and lungs, and pets can get very sick if they touch or eat the poison.
  3. Rats and mice can die in wall cavities or air conditioning ducts, producing offensive smells, attracting flies and other insects.

Plus, pesticides need to be frequently re-applied, costing you significantly more over the long-term.

Plug In Pest Free electromagnetic pest control

  1. Lasts for years
  2. Contains no poison
  3. 100% safe for people and animals
  4. Unable to be eaten by pets
  5. Simply plug in and walk away
  6. No dead rodents
  7. The pulsing electromagnetic signal makes the area inhospitable so they don’t nest and breed there
  8. Environmentally friendly

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