Plug-In Pest Free Reviews and Testimonials

2 December, 2018
It’s fantastic, we don’t get mice any more. ❤️
Adam V, via Facebook

2 August, 2018

Thank you, I have received the two units and have placed one in my sister’s house and one in mine.It’s awesome!!!  I have managed to catch up on lost sleep, haven’t heard or seen any since. Much appreciated.
Brenda M, Auckland City Hospital

20 July, 2018

Big thanks to you and your product it was a mental health saver, those rodents running around my bedroom at night were doing my head in. After 24 hours all activity stopped, had another night of activity about 10 days later and nothing ever since. Was very skeptical to start with but now a firm believer in the product. We have a bach that is having a few ongoing rodent problems so would like to order another one that you could send to my city address.

CJ, Auckland

19 April, 2018

Love this product sooo much me and my family will never buy another brand. Thank you!

Miriama, Auckland.

12 January, 2018

I live near the bush and had been plagued by rats coming in under the floorboards of my bach, which drove my two terriers crazy almost every evening. They would run around sniffing the floor and barking, sometimes in the middle of the night. I gave up on poison as that made no difference so tried your product.

I have to confess I was dubious about it at first but have to say that from day one after plugging it in the dogs stopped and I’ve had no episodes since. That was over 7 months ago. So it clearly does work. I now recommend it to anyone I see deliberating over which rat poison or trap to buy if I chance upon them when I happen to be in Mitre 10. Great product.

Alan, Huia, Auckland.

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20 October, 2017

You dropped in my units about 5 months ago and I must say they have really done the trick on our rat problem. For the first week they seemed to move from place to place in the walls. Maybe they tried to find a place where the pulse wasn’t. After that week we haven’t heard from them at all. I know don’t have to worry about another flood from water pipes they have chewed through. An awesome product.

Jeff, Auckland

10 August, 2017

I purchased a domestic unit in January 2014 as the small town house I purchased had a mouse/rat problem – within a day there were no more signs, and the added bonus was no more cockroaches either! It is now August 2017 and I am still most definitely rodent and pest free. I have recommended to a couple of friends who also swear by them. Great product and great service – thank you.

A.M. Waitakere, Auckland

26th June, 2017

What a great company to do business with. Prompt, helpful, just the best customer service and a great product. We have a large 2-3 storey home and often we’d walk into a room to see a large cockroach on the wall. Now with two domestic Pest Free units operating, we don’t experience this. We’re now on to our second two units after years of use from our first two. This year we were very happy to buy a PestFree unit for my elderly parents who live in Omokoroa where there are lots of big cockroaches and my father was having to spray the outside and inside of their home every 6 months with chemicals. Thanks for the great service, Michele.

Cate, Auckland

13 June, 2017

Amazing service, thank you for the fast response with the tracking number – got the parcel this morning – thank you so much for the stress free trade!


31 May, 2017

Thank you for such a fast delivery.  Absolutely incredible product, as I have not heard any rodent noise at night or seen any mice,  It’s actually quite incredible!  Totally recommend this product 🙂

Kirsty, Paihia

14 January, 2017

We brought a domestic unit about 3 months ago …. best thing ever! News travels. Two people at my Mum’s over 60’s units want them and we want another one for our separate garage, just to be sure we are rat/mouse free there too. Order is on the way.

Jeffrey (Christchurch)

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29 December, 2016 – We received two emails from Heather. It made us so very happy to hear their pet made it!

I didn’t mention it when I emailed you earlier this week, but the product’s actually been a lifesaver for our family pet.  She had been eating the rat bait in the workshop, and was lucky to live through the experience. She has had a blood transfusion yesterday and has survived! Hence getting the other unit for the workshop. So it’s goodbye rat bait and hello Plug-In Pest Free. Thanks again!


27 December, 2016

I am about to order another unit for our workshop. I bought a unit for the house about 18 months ago and have been amazed with its effectiveness. We live rurally and have a big problem with rats as we store grain and hay etc. We have not had a rat in the ceiling since plugging in this wonderful product. It’s hard to find a product that actually works. This one does.
Heather, Hawkes Bay

7 May, 2016

Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful product. I brought a ‘double’ unit approximately 4 years ago and have not had a rodent in the house since. I have now moved house and no rodents nor big outside ‘sand’ roaches since moving in. Previous owner had many problems with ‘greeblies’ but thanks to “plug in pest free” I have a clear house.

Thanks again,

Lyn (Papamoa)

30 March, 2015

Just wanted to write a testimonial for your amazing product, can’t find where I can write one, so thought I would email you. Anyway, just ordered 2 more for our rural properties. Have bought 3 already for several houses and my partner and I are absolutely amazed how great they work!!!! Have recommended heaps of times and only positive feedback 🙂 Anyway, please feel free to share this on your testimonial page. Great products are hard to come by! Thanks again 🙂

22 March, 2015. Five years on, we received a second text from Nettie:
Hi Michele, hope this is still your number. Just letting you know that my plug-in is still chugging merrily along and keeping those pesky rodents where they belong = OUTSIDE!  I think it was 5 years ago when I brought my first one!
Nettie-ann Hetet, Auckland

10 May, 2010. First testimonial from Nettie, sent by text.

A few months ago I ordered a Plug-In Pest Free. It’s been one of the best purchases ever! Over the last two weeks I haven’t seen any evidence of wild life or those revolting native cockroaches! A great product.

 Nettie-ann Hetet, Auckland

9 March 2015

Jeanette here from the National Office of the NZ Vegetarian Society.  I work a couple if days a week in the office and have been doing this for 3 years now. I am writing to thank you very much for donating the plug-in rat deterrent to the office – it’s proving most effective. I no longer have to listen to the pitter patter of little rodent feet in the ceiling, or get out the broom handle to bang on the ceiling! In fact it’s been so good, I’d like to buy one for myself. Thanks so much.

Jeanette – New Zealand Vegetarian Society

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18 April, 2013

Thanks very much, what an amazing product.  We have an alarm in our shed and so the sensor was going off maybe 8-10 times during day and night because of rats roaming our shed, eating thru to name a few things, tarps, an old toaster, the edges of our dog tucker fridge, ate through a bucket of dog biscuits…our place has a big paddock next to it , grass is long all year long, they were living in our firewood piles too, I hate them with a vengeance and without a word of a lie, we plugged in the domestic unit and we have not heard or seen any rats, the sensor hasn’t gone off once. We could never set the alarm in our shed because of the rat problem, they would always set the alarm off, meaning one of us coming home from work to disarm…yay secure, rat free shed, you have no idea how stoked we are, I could go on and on.  Awesome product I recommend to anyone needing rat deterrent, works instantly!!! Thanks so much!!!

Peter, Raetihi Nz 

3 June, 2010

We live rural