Please enjoy reading some of the Plug-In Pest Free reviews that we have received.

Plug-In Pest Free Reviews and Testimonials

I am really amazed how effective this product is, I am telling everyone I can as I know so many people have mouse problems at this time of year.
We used to have mice droppings in the kitchen and airing cupboards every winter.  We are amazed at how effectively the Plug-In Pest Free works.  We have tried numerous devices and traps on the market none have been effective,  except for the Plug-In Pest Free and last winter, after 2 weeks  of installing, we were rodent free.  Recently our grandson managed to break the device and it wasn’t replaced until the mice came back in droves, droppings in the cupboards, on the bench tops.  We finally bought two, one for the house and one for my art studio which also has had a plague of mice and again it took about 2 weeks and there is now not a sign of rodents in the house or studio.  Our son now has one and his house is also mouse free. We are so impressed with the product we are going to experiment by adding electrical circuitry and a Plug-In Pest Free to our large walk in chicken coop where rats are eating eggs and disturbing and nibbling the hens feathers, fingers crossed, watch this space!
Jacky, Carterton

Thank you for dropping off. I have one of these in my house in Porirua. My neighbour has a rats nest and we are metres apart and we dont get any rats over at our house. It works.

Marie, Porirua, via Trade Me

It’s fantastic, we don’t get mice any more. ❤️

Adam V, via Facebook

Thank you, I have received the two units and have placed one in my sister’s house and one in mine.It’s awesome!!!  I have managed to catch up on lost sleep, haven’t heard or seen any since. Much appreciated.

Brenda M, Auckland City Hospital

Big thanks to you and your product it was a mental health saver, those rodents running around my bedroom at night were doing my head in. After 24 hours all activity stopped, had another night of activity about 10 days later and nothing ever since. Was very skeptical to start with but now a firm believer in the product. We have a bach that is having a few ongoing rodent problems so would like to order another one that you could send to my city address.

CJ, Auckland

Love this product sooo much me and my family will never buy another brand. Thank you!

Miriama, Auckland.

I live near the bush and had been plagued by rats coming in under the floorboards of my bach, which drove my two terriers crazy almost every evening. They would run around sniffing the floor and barking, sometimes in the middle of the night. I gave up on poison as that made no difference so tried your product.

I have to confess I was dubious about it at first but have to say that from day one after plugging it in the dogs stopped and I’ve had no episodes since. That was over 7 months ago. So it clearly does work. I now recommend it to anyone I see deliberating over which rat poison or trap to buy if I chance upon them when I happen to be in Mitre 10. Great product.

Alan, Huia, Auckland.Buy Plug In Pest Free now

You dropped in my units about 5 months ago and I must say they have really done the trick on our rat problem. For the first week they seemed to move from place to place in the walls. Maybe they tried to find a place where the pulse wasn’t. After that week we haven’t heard from them at all. I know don’t have to worry about another flood from water pipes they have chewed through. An awesome product.

Jeff, Auckland

I purchased a domestic unit in January 2014 as the small town house I purchased had a mouse/rat problem – within a day there were no more signs, and the added bonus was no more cockroaches either! It is now August 2017 and I am still most definitely rodent and pest free. I have recommended to a couple of friends who also swear by them. Great product and great service – thank you.

A.M. Waitakere, Auckland

What a great company to do business with. Prompt, helpful, just the best customer service and a great product. We have a large 2-3 storey home and often we’d walk into a room to see a large cockroach on the wall. Now with two domestic Pest Free units operating, we don’t experience this. We’re now on to our second two units after years of use from our first two. This year we were very happy to buy a PestFree unit for my elderly parents who live in Omokoroa where there are lots of big cockroaches and my father was having to spray the outside and inside of their home every 6 months with chemicals. Thanks for the great service, Michele.

Cate, Auckland

Amazing service, thank you for the fast response with the tracking number – got the parcel this morning – thank you so much for the stress free trade!


Thank you for such a fast delivery.  Absolutely incredible product, as I have not heard any rodent noise at night or seen any mice,  It’s actually quite incredible!  Totally recommend this product 🙂

Kirsty, Paihia

We brought a domestic unit about 3 months ago …. best thing ever! News travels. Two people at my Mum’s over 60’s units want them and we want another one for our separate garage, just to be sure we are rat/mouse free there too. Order is on the way.

Jeffrey (Christchurch)Buy Plug In Pest Free now

We received two emails from Heather. It made us so very happy to hear their pet made it!

I am about to order another unit for our workshop. I bought a unit for the house about 18 months ago and have been amazed with its effectiveness. We live rurally and have a big problem with rats as we store grain and hay etc. We have not had a rat in the ceiling since plugging in this wonderful product. It’s hard to find a product that actually works. This one does.

Heather, Hawkes Bay

I didn’t mention it when I emailed you earlier this week, but the product’s actually been a lifesaver for our family pet.  She had been eating the rat bait in the workshop, and was lucky to live through the experience. She has had a blood transfusion yesterday and has survived! Hence getting the other unit for the workshop. So it’s goodbye rat bait and hello Plug-In Pest Free. Thanks again!

Heather, Hawkes Bay

Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful product. I brought a ‘double’ unit approximately 4 years ago and have not had a rodent in the house since. I have now moved house and no rodents nor big outside ‘sand’ roaches since moving in. Previous owner had many problems with ‘greeblies’ but thanks to “plug in pest free” I have a clear house.

Thanks again,

Lyn (Papamoa)

Just wanted to write a testimonial for your amazing product, can’t find where I can write one, so thought I would email you. Anyway, just ordered 2 more for our rural properties. Have bought 3 already for several houses and my partner and I are absolutely amazed how great they work!!!! Have recommended heaps of times and only positive feedback 🙂 Anyway, please feel free to share this on your testimonial page. Great products are hard to come by! Thanks again 🙂

First testimonial from Nettie, sent by text.
A few months ago I ordered a Plug-In Pest Free. It’s been one of the best purchases ever! Over the last two weeks I haven’t seen any evidence of wild life or those revolting native cockroaches! A great product.
Nettie-ann Hetet, Auckland

Five years on, we received a second text from Nettie:
Hi Michele, hope this is still your number. Just letting you know that my plug-in is still chugging merrily along and keeping those pesky rodents where they belong = OUTSIDE!  I think it was 5 years ago when I brought my first one!
Nettie-ann Hetet, Auckland

Jeanette here from the National Office of the NZ Vegetarian Society.  I work a couple if days a week in the office and have been doing this for 3 years now. I am writing to thank you very much for donating the plug-in rat deterrent to the office – it’s proving most effective. I no longer have to listen to the pitter patter of little rodent feet in the ceiling, or get out the broom handle to bang on the ceiling! In fact it’s been so good, I’d like to buy one for myself. Thanks so much.
Jeanette – New Zealand Vegetarian Society

Thanks very much, what an amazing product.  We have an alarm in our shed and so the sensor was going off maybe 8-10 times during day and night because of rats roaming our shed, eating thru to name a few things, tarps, an old toaster, the edges of our dog tucker fridge, ate through a bucket of dog biscuits…our place has a big paddock next to it , grass is long all year long, they were living in our firewood piles too, I hate them with a vengeance and without a word of a lie, we plugged in the domestic unit and we have not heard or seen any rats, the sensor hasn’t gone off once. We could never set the alarm in our shed because of the rat problem, they would always set the alarm off, meaning one of us coming home from work to disarm…yay secure, rat free shed, you have no idea how stoked we are, I could go on and on.  Awesome product I recommend to anyone needing rat deterrent, works instantly!!! Thanks so much!!!
Peter, Raetihi Nz

We live rurally and coming into winter we have had quite a lot of mouse and rat activity in a concrete block and stucco house.  We were spending quite a bit on traps and bait.  We ordered two of these units and haven’t seen a single sign of either since plugging them in.  We are so impressed we’ve just ordered two more for the barn and shed areas.  Thanks very much for a truly excellent product.
Hazel Bell

One of the Best Products I Have Ever Purchased
In approximately March 1995 I purchased 2 of your original Pest Free units for use at home. We took these units to New Zealand in April 1995 when the company I was working for sent me there to set up operations in that country.
The next door neighbours in NZ bred birds, and had problems with mice and cockroaches, but thanks to Pest Free we had no problems with any type of pest at all.
On our return to Australia we lived on an acreage at Black Hill in Newcastle where both neighbours on either side kept horses. Again, they had problems with vermin where as we did not.
Now we live in a Newcastle suburban area where my wife and I breed birds and have bush land at the rear of our property, so you would expect to see either mice or cockroaches. But my two original 1995 vintage Pest Free units are still keeping our home and property pest free.
The Pest Free product has been without a doubt one of the best products I have ever purchased, and I will never be without a Pest Free product to protect my home from vermin.
Arthur Ritchie, General Manager, Australian Consolidated Protection Service Pty Ltd

A good friend advised me to consider the Pest Free devices and I watched the TV advertisement with interest. In the end, as a very cynical consumer I decided that since there is a money back guarantee, I actually had nothing to lose in buying the devices. So I rang up and placed my order. Personally I found Michele and her team very helpful to deal with, their advice on getting the most out of the Pest Free device was spot on. After installing the Pest Free devices in my home, the mice were very confused and I noticed them everywhere at first – then suddenly, as promised, they just disappeared. Obviously my home environment is now too difficult for them to live within. This is a very good product and a sound investment.
Kerry Mancer, North Shore City

Thank you so much for delivering the unit to my work today. I purchased one a couple of months ago, and am delighted with the results! I really appreciate this as I want to give it as a gift. Hopefully for your business more people will recommend your product and the word will spread quickly.
Again, thank you for being kind enough to go out of your way to help me.
Christie McNeil-MelvilleBuy Plug In Pest Free now

What a great product!  I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Plug-In Pest Free products we recently purchased.
We live in a brand new house with farm land next door and have caught more than 20 field mice in our house since moving in 12 months ago. It wasn’t until I noticed the mice had been in my son’s bedroom that I decided I needed to use more than poison and traps to get rid of them.
After buying and using the Plug-In Pest Free product, we have not had 1 mouse in our house. This is absolutely fantastic as I hate the little blighters!
Maria, Wellington Region

I just wanted to write to you to let you know how wonderful your Pest Free Plug-In has been working for me and the company I work with.
Over a year ago I found evidence of rats or mice in our double car garage, which acts as our storage unit. I heard of your product and purchased two units immediately – one for our office and one for the garage. For over a year now there has been no sign of any pests whatsoever.
I have now just discovered them in my home, which reminded me of your fabulous product and the so would now like to purchase one myself, and also to send you personal thanks for keeping my workplace pest free for over a year now!
I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to rid their workplaces or homes of pests, guilt free of causing them any harm…call me soft, but at the end of the day, although they are pests, the thought of killing them for me is unimaginable.
Thanks again for finding a friendly solution to an unpleasant problem!

Just a short note to say we are very pleased with your plug-in pest free device that we purchased mid-May 2008. Our house is now rodent free which is great, and also our daughter in Fairlie has now purchased two, and is thrilled with the result in their two storeyed home.
Alister and Bronwyn, Pleasant Point

We have received the Plug-In today, and were thrilled when it dropped out of our mailbag! Already plugged in of course! The last plug-in we have had for over a year and have no further problems with rats or mice staying since, so we have given this one to my parents-in-law!
Diana Thomson

In a nutshell, thanks heaps for your product. Before I tell you of my experience, I would like to make two things clear – one is that I’m a highly skeptical person, and secondly I HATE and have a phobia of rodents. Two months after moving into a rental property, I was shocked to hear scratching and scurrying in the ceiling and wall cavities. After many sleepless nights, I decided to try your product, so I plugged it in and stayed at my girlfriend’s for 3 days, and on returning I have had NO problem at all. I’m truly happy with this product. Once again, thanks – I’m a hard person to please, but in this case, your product has done so. Top marks from me.
P.S. As a note, I also do not have access to my ceiling cavity, so I was unable to even lay poison or a trap up there, so I have found this eradication method simply marvellous – I was nearly ready to rip the house to pieces. Now that the main problem has been solved, I just plan to find the entry point and block it for further peace of mind.
Jon, Beachhaven

Buy Plug In Pest Free now

Please find enclosed cheque for 1 domestic Plug-In Pest Free unit. This is the 3rd one I have brought! We have one in our previously rat infested bach, and one in the sleepout, and this one is for our new cottage in the country – which has a stream and bush, so probably lots of rats and mice nearby. They are absolutely brilliant
R Taylor, Greytown

I have told my sister-in-law about your product, and have passed on your details. It’s been absolutely awesome and I can’t believe how well it works, well worth the money spent. Thanks.
J Bennett

I purchased one of your units at the Auckland Home Show. I could have written this letter 2 days after installation, to say what a fantastic job it had done, as I had been infested with mice for several weeks. After 2 days they had disappeared. Now, 7 months later, I can truthfully say that I have not seen or heard any mice since. I would recommend these units to anyone who has mice.
E F Reid, Papakura

We live on a rural property and have been constantly plagued with mice over the winter months, in a shed which we keep the grain, and although at first we were a bit sceptical, we purchased a Plug-In Pest Free unit. At first we noticed an increase in activity around the shed, and the dogs were certainly enjoying the sport! We have since had no trouble with mice.
We have now purchased a second unit for our bach at the Selwyn Huts, to ensure that we do not have any mice this winter. We look forward to visiting our place at the weekends and holiday times, knowing that we will not have to clean up every time.
Sue Milne, Leeston

WOW – After years of battling our “furry little friends” we have found a product that actually works.
Baiting traps, laying poison pellets, syrups and other messy time consuming techniques are only but a distant memory now we use the Plug-In Pest Free electronic pest management system. You simply plug in the system to a power outlet and forget about it.
We have been using this product now for a year and we are still astounded by the results. During this time we have had zero sightings or signs of rodent activity.
Yes, there was a financial outlay to purchase this product however once we calculated our annual spend on traps, pellets, labour, disposal and management it was a no brainer. The Plug-In Pest Free system is not only cost effective, but a safe and hygienic solution to a once continuous problem.
Dean Mullholland, Head of Operations, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

You brought a plug in unit to me a few weeks ago to deal with my rat problem. I was panicked about having my new born baby in the house. I’m happy to report that there were instant results with no sightings since it was plugged in and no more evidence of rats (no droppings….).
I can’t tell you what a relief it was! I felt justified in spending the money on something which is quite revolutionary. Others thought I should have paid an exterminator but the results of using the plug in system were undeniable in the end.
I really appreciate your customer service and the way you delivered the unit to my door.
Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind and for providing an alternative to eliminating the rat problem. My father has now purchased a unit and my sister is also keen to buy one.
I’m more than happy to act as a testimonial for you and your product as I’m completely satisfied and can’t stop promoting how effective the system is.
Solitaire Marshall – Browns Bay

We have lived in our rural property in Waimauku for the last 4 years. As part of the property we have a large garage / storage unit that we use as a workshop & cattle & poultry food storage area. Each winter we stock this area with feed for the animals, we store the feed in bins to minimize the available food for rodents. Each year we have quite a problem with rodents coming inside for the winter. We have used various rodent baits over the years with mixed results.
This winter we used a Plug in Pest Fee Commercial unit and the results were very satisfactory with no signs of rodents or pests of any kind throughout the winter season. The unit is a plug in & forget unit so is simplicity itself to install. We thoroughly recommend the unit as an effective hassle free rodent repellent for any home or business. Thank you Pest Free.
Bob & Julie Deacon – Waimauku, Rodney

Buy Plug In Pest Free now

Thank You for Getting Rodents on the Move.
I just wanted to let you know just how successful I have found the Plug-In Pest Free device I bought from your company at the Auckland Homeshow. I live on Waiheke Island where little rodents are known to dwell.
The first night I plugged in the device and forgot about it until woken in the early hours of the morning by rather loud noises (for that time of night) coming from the kitchen. I tried to ignore the noises but they were just a little persistent and a little too loud to do so.
So I got out of bed and opened up the cupboard where I thought the noises had come from, as indeed they had. The neatly stacked cans of tuna had been pulled down and were now spread around the shelf!
I re-stacked them and didn’t have any further disruption, at least, not that night! But the same thing happened the next night! The third night I had a restless sleep awaiting the noise of clattering tuna cans. However, the mice had learnt and either taken off or are waiting for another day to return!
Thank you so much. It was well worth purchasing a Plug-In Pest Free device from you and I have been telling friends of its effectiveness!
Denise W

We were given a Plug-In Pest Free unit to trial as we have constantly had problems with rats and mice as our venue is located over an old well in the centre of the city. Pest control has always been a costly investment for us, so we are happy to try something new.
The Plug-In Pest Free unit removed large numbers of cockroaches and we needed to lay ‘gel’ to ensure everything that came out was eradicated. Since then we have had no reinfestation of either cockroaches, rats or mice, something that has never been achieved in the past with traditional methods of control.
The long term savings will be substantial as the Plug-In Pest Free has a 10-15 year life span.
We would highly recommend the unit to any venue as either a means of eradicating an existing problem or to ensure pests do not enter the property in future.
Rolly Doyle, Owner, The Bluestone Room

Re: Donald Stevens, Otara. Featured in Manukau Courier.
In July 2007 I saw a story in the Manukau Courier, about Mr Donald Stevens. Mr Stevens had been having increasing problems with rats in his garage. He was to discover that they had eaten through his brake fluid reservoir, when his brakes failed while he was driving to the supermarket. Fortunately, he used his handbrake when the brakes failed at a red light, and managed to stop safely. I was shocked to read that Mr Stevens problem had gotten worse over the past year, and where he used to be able to control the odd rat with bait, now he couldn’t even store the bait in his garage, as the rats would eat through the container before he’d even had a chance to put it out! Almost every day, he would find evidence that the rats had been visiting, finding chewed up plastic, items knocked off shelves. And then the damage that he couldn’t see – but that could have resulted in a tragic accident, his car brakes being eaten.
I made contact with the Manukau Courier, as I wanted to take one of my units to Mr Stevens to see if Plug-In Pest Free could help with his problem. These sounded like very bold and aggressive rats, so if anything would put Plug-In Pest Free to the test, it would be Mr Steven’s garage! I visited Donald on July 14th and was very pleased to see that his garage had a good amount of wiring, so we plugged the unit in.
I have just received a call today from Mr Stevens, and he is absolutely thrilled with the result. He hasn’t seen any rats or found the usual evidence of their nightly visits. And he is very relieved to finally be able to enter his garage knowing that they haven’t been in overnight. I am so delighted that the product has lived up to it’s promise, and that we have been able to provide a solution for Mr Stevens for this terrible problem. And he will no longer need to use poisonous baits, or have the terrible task of clearing out dead rats.
Mr Stevens has given me permission to tell this story on my website, as the Manukau Courier would not print a follow-up story about the product as it was deemed “too commercial”. I can only hope that everyone who is having problems such as this can hear about the product and they too can become Pest Free! Thank you, Mr Stevens, for letting me know how the product worked for you! I wish you all the very best.
Michele Harrod, Plug-In Pest Free

I recently purchased a Plug-In Pest Free Domestic unit, and am so happy I did. We live in a rural area and were inundated with mice when the long awaited rain arrived.
We breed Exhibition Budgerigars as our primary hobby, and as it was our bird breeding season at the time, the mice disrupted our entire breeding program – what a disaster!
The Pest Free unit arrived, and within 3 days we had rounded up all of the mice, and have not seen once since. Your product does a fantastic job, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Geoff Lowe, Ritomate-Exhibition Budgerigars Breeder

For any supermarket operator, pest control is a fact of life. 6 months ago I installed the Prest Free electronic pest management system to replace the traditional chemical based system and have been extremely happy with the results. It is a hassle free system that you just plug in and forget. No more of those expensive monthly visits from the pest control companies. The system is fully OHS compliant and had been proven effective over 10+ years, which means some substantial cost savings over that period.
I have no hesitation in recommending this method of pest control to any other supermarket operators.
Brendan Schroeder, Beaumaris Super IGA

Buy Plug In Pest Free now

Back in 2006, when working for another Company, Crissy Groat presented me with a product called Pest Free, being an electronic pest management system. We decided to trial it in one of our facilities for a period of 2 months. We were impressed that not only was the system effective but it had replaced our Chemical usage during this trial period.
Unfortunately the Company decided to ignore the facts and stay with the Chemical Pest Controllers.
Since then, with a change of employment, it was brought to my attention that one of our facilities had a continual, enduring, particularly irritating cockroach problem in their kitchens, a problem that pest controllers and traditional chemical baits and sprays failed to adequately remove or have any positive effects in solving this time consuming, ongoing problem.
With this in mind, I believed this to be the ideal opportunity to install Pest Free units for this application.
On installation of the electronic pest management system, we were astounded by the hundreds of cockroaches swarming out of their hidden harbourages covering the floor areas. I hadn’t anticipated so many cockroaches as a the result of this system working so quickly and efficiently, so much so that I employed a pest controller to get the entire area to kill off the many hundreds of cockroaches that had appeared.
I have no doubt in my mind that this definitely was due to the recently installed Pest Free electromagnetic devices, as previously no amount of pest control in the past had moved so many from the harbourages, nooks and crannies as this system.
Admittedly I had to employ additional support from a pest controller in conjunction with this electronic pest management system to rid the area of cockroaches, but I have cleaned up a long, overdue, enormously irritating problem in one foul swoop.
Finally, I recommend that Pest Free electronic pest management systems are definitely the way of the future for any business or commercial application. The unit can provide Facility Managers a product that will eliminate all the headaches associated with Pest Control.
Faithfully yours,
Ray George, Engineering Project Manager, Adesse

Thank you for your recent presentation of your pest management units to our Victorian State Manager Steve Miller.
Ritchies Stores pride themselves in being an environmentally friendly company and are very interested in changing our current pest control program over to an environmentally friendly chemical free system.
As you are fully aware we currently use a traditional method of pest control which places chemical based bait stations around our stores. This method of pest management works on the basis of poisoning pests once they have already infested the premises.
With food safety and OH&S compliance being a huge part of our industry we are continually looking at safer alternatives for our employees and customers.We believe that “PEST FREE is a safe alternative whilst remaining an effective method of pest control throughout our supermarkets.
Plug in PEST FREE units were placed into stores that were problem areas and we are staggered with the effectivenessof the units. The results have been very positive from the trials conducted over the past six months.
It is our intent to complete a roll out program of the PEST FREE units throughout Victoria from November 2006.
Once again thank you.
Lyndall Thompson, National Food Safety, Supervisor, Ritchies Stores PTY Ltd

I Len Morabito am the Operations Manager for Michael’s SUPA IGA group of stores. Recently Chrissy Groat from VCS Marketing approached me with a product called PestFree which is a plug in Electronic Pest Management System.
Initially, I viewed this product with a certain amount of scepticism but decided to purchase and trial the product none the less. As we still had two months left on our chemical pest controller, we decided to allow them to complete their work commitment to us, which meant we had both pest control options in place. After the first month, I met up with our Chemical Pest controller. He seemed totally bewildered as to the fact there had been no activity whatsoever in any of his bait stations throughout the stores. He said ”I’m totally amazed, I don’t know what’s going on, this has never happened before”. I, being amused, didn’t mention the fact that we had installed the PestFree Electronic devices that same month.
The second month, the same thing happened. I personally inspected all the bait stations and came up with the same result. It was quite evident that the rodents had now moved out, with no signs of activity whatsoever. Hence, the cancellation of our Chemical Pest Control Contracts… for up to the next 15 years!!
For any store owner/operator, I would highly recommend you seriously consider installing PestFree Electronic Pest Management Systems throughout your stores. The positives are completely overwhelming and should not be ignored, besides being highly effective, with staggering results, there is also the aspect of time management and huge cost savings with return on investment reassured quickly. We at Michael’s SUPA IGA are proud to join the ranks of committed and responsible operators, who CARE… about OUR STAFF, OUR CUSTOMERS, and the ENVIRONMENT…
Len Morabito, Michael’s Supa

This serves as a confirmation that Rosslyn Breweries has installed the Pest Free Device in our packaging plant with great success. We had specific areas of concern with rats eating our electrical wiring. Being a high technology plant and a production environment we needed something that would eliminate the rats without interferring with the technology. Pest Free did this for us, and with no maintenance to the unit it was simply install and forget.
Thank You, The South African Breweries

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the performance of your product. Prior to obtaining the units, the Club had to be sprayed quite regularly to control a cockroach problem that was both expensive and embarrassing. However, since the units have been installed around the Club, the problem appears to have been overcome. I can thoroughly recommend your product to any other organisation which desires a clean and inexpensive manner in which to control cockroaches.
Garry Leo, South Newcastle Rugby League Club Limited


Plug-In Pest Free Works

Plug-In Pest Free reviews and testimonials from customers around the world continue to confirm that the Pest Free unit affects the normal behaviour of rats, mice and cockroaches. Results from scientific testing by a leading Australian University shows that the pulsating operation of Pest Free units affects the normal behaviour of rats and mice.’

Environmentally Friendly

We are serious about our commitment to providing products that contribute to the well being of the community and our environment. You may never hear a traditional pest control company recommend our products but today there are hundreds of thousands of householders, food outlets and businesses that now enjoy safe effective pest management without the hazard of dangerous poisons and chemicals.

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