Plug in pest control is a simple and effective method to rid your house of rats, mice and cockroaches. But not all plug in pest control units work the same way.

Plug-In Pest Free alters the background of the electromagnetic field already contained within the building. It produces short bursts of electromotive force that modulates the electromagnetic field. This makes it near impossible for rodents and cockroaches to comfortably remain there. The pulsing action going through the wiring drives rats and mice out of walls and ceilings. It even penetrates into cupboards and drawers, reaching everywhere cockroaches, rats and mice nest and breed.

Plug-In Pest Free uses state of the art technology that is more effective than ultrasonic pest repellers. They are safer for people, pets and our environment, and last a lot longer than pesticides and insecticides.

Most importantly, Plug-In Pest Free does what it says it does. We videoed our test of other pest control units on the market with startling results.


Does Plug-In Pest Free work?

Yes. Plug-In Pest Free has been scientifically tested in a leading Australian University against rats and mice (full 2 year study). It has been independently tested over a two-year period by a leading multi-national supermarket company against rats, mice and cockroaches. It has been consumer-tested and accepted against rats, mice and cockroaches, with many testimonials and reviews from all around the world. We believe it is the best plug-in pest control unit on the market.

How many Plug-In Pest Free units do I need?

A Plug-In Pest Free Commercial unit protects a minimum of 1000 sqm (or 10,700 square feet). The Pro unit will protect up to 400 sqm, and the Domestic unit will protect up to 200 sqm. Two-story buildings often benefit from one on each level even if they are under 200 sqm. Odd-shaped buildings may also need a larger unit  or multiple units. Please contact us if you have any questions about how many units you need for your home, business, farm or shed.

Is Plug-In Pest Free expensive to operate?

Not at all. It costs just cents each week to run. It gives you years of chemical-free pest control and saves the expense of ongoing chemical treatments.

How will I know Plug-In Pest Free is affecting the pests?

Within as little as 24 hours you may start to see a change or increase in activity and a higher than normal number of pests. Plug-In Pest Free disorientates the pests and they become easier to catch. It causes them to leave the area as soon as they can. Most pests will be gone in 1-4 weeks. Cockroach eggs can lay dormant for up to 12 months, so as eggs hatch, smaller insects become noticeable and they too quickly vacate the premises.

Does Plug-In Pest Free keep pests from entering your premises?

No pest control can stop pests entering your home or building. It is still possible for them to come in via an open door, window or gaps in your walls and roof cavities. Cockroaches also come inside in packaging or junk mail from the letterbox. Good housekeeping helps reduce them coming in, and our plug in pest control unit prevents them from staying and establishing themselves. No other product is able to do this. We have many reports that over time, rodents, in particular, simply stay away.

Is Plug-In Pest Free harmful to pets?

Plug-In Pest Free does not affect cats, dogs, birds or fish; it is a family safe and environmentally-responsible form of pest control.

How long does Plug-In Pest Free last?

Your unit will last for many years. Plug-In Pest Free comes with an unconditional 2-year warranty on all parts and labour, and all units come with a 60-day money back guarantee.*

*Please note, any goods that are damaged, forced open or inappropriately marked, are not covered by our guarantee, and we are unable to provide refunds for these units.

Does Plug-In Pest Free affect other electrical equipment?

It has no effect whatsoever on televisions, videos, computers, fridges or freezers. Neither does it affect the electricity flow in a building. Plug-In Pest Free is certified by the Australian Office of Energy as meeting all electrical safety standards and complies with the AS 3100-1994 approval & test specification, general requirements for electrical equipment. However, Plug-In Pest Free must not be plugged into the same power socket as a refrigerator as it affects the unit’s ability to work effectively.

Can Plug-In Pest Free completely control an area without using pesticides?

Yes, but it takes longer than pesticides do. The signal emitted via a Plug-In Pest Free device stresses, disorientates and dehydrates pests so they make every effort to leave. It is not the instant result poisons can deliver. Please be patient and give the unit time to work, you will be delighted with how well it keeps you free from pests for years to come.

How will I know Plug-In Pest Free is functioning?

The domestic unit shows a green light which pulsates (or flashes) for approximately two and a half minutes, and is still for approximately two and a half minutes. This indicates when the unit is sending the pulsation through the wiring. It alternates on and off so the rodents can never ‘adapt’ to the environment. Commercial units show the power light and the cycle light as On at all times. The power light pulsates when the Plug-In Pest Free unit is modulating.

What happens if the power gets turned off?

Plug in pest control units need power to work, so do check that the unit is working once power resumes. The lights need to flash and then be still as per above. When there is power, your Plug-In Pest Free works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does my Plug-In Pest Free unit require maintenance?

Only the commercial unit requires any form of maintenance. Simply switch it off once each week, and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Weekly cleaning ensures the fan is kept clear and does not over-heat. Switch your plug in pest control unit back on again once cleaned to restore your protection against rats, mice and cockroaches.

What sort of businesses need Plug-In Pest Free?

Rats, mice and cockroaches love places with a food supply. If your business stores or cooks food, it is very smart to get Plug In Pest Free before you see rodents or pests. Once they nest in your premises you can lose customers, revenue, hygiene ratings, or even be shut down.

Examples include restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, dairy’s, fruit & vegetable shops, butchers, specialist food wholesalers and retailers, fast food outlets, mobile food carts, food storage facilities and food manufacturers. Aged care facilities, boarding schools, hospitals, farms and rural lifestyle properties are also places that are a natural target for rodents and pests as they store or work with food (whether that food is for humans or animals). No matter how clean your premises are, because you have a food supply, pests are more likely to come in, nest and breed.

Rodents and pests love chewing wiring and boxes, so business with lots of wiring, eg computer filled offices, and business that handle cardboard boxes, such as retail shops, all benefit from having Plug-In Pest Free units to stop rats, mice and cockroaches nesting.

New builds and developments often disturb nests and rodents and pests whose nests have been disturbed can create new nests in the walls and ceilings of brand new homes and buildings. Building companies are smart to plug in Pest Free units as soon as the wiring has been completed to make sure they

 What could cause a reintroduction of pests?

  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Change of weather, prolonged heat or a long rainy period.
  • Failure to remove cardboard cartons & packaging as soon as possible.
  • The building does not have adequate wiring to carry the Plug-In Pest Free signal.
  • Turning the Plug-In Pest Free off at length, or unplugging it.
  • Other areas nearby that have a bad pest problem which is uncontrolled.
  • A new hatching of previously laid cockroach eggs.

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