Domestic Unit (covers up to 200sqm)

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Effective against mice, rats, and aids in the control of cockroaches. Simply plug into a powerpoint and protect your home for years. Plug-In Pest Free Domestic units are designed for the average-sized family home and will cover up to 200sqm.

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Covering up to 200sqm, the Plug-In Pest Free domestic unit will provide your home’s first line of defense against rats, mice, and cockroaches.

The Pest Free signal will travel through all of the wiring in your premises.  Please remember to include garaging and any other structures on your power supply, when working out the coverage you need. Those with homes larger than 200sqm, or with multi-stories, may require two domestic units or a PRO unit.  This will stop rodents moving to areas of the house not covered by the signal. Full coverage will ensure your entire home is fully protected, driving pests back outside, where they belong. With no messy traps to empty and no toxic chemicals risking harm to your family and pets, Pest Free really is the safest, cleanest, and most convenient way to rid your home of unwanted pests.


Plug-In Pest Free alters the background of the already existing low-level electromagnetic field along the active wiring within a building’s structure. Producing short bursts of electromotive force at 50Hz/60Hz, these feed down the wiring effectively pulse modulating the existing electromagnetic field as the coil is switched “On” and “Off”.

Unlike other devices that will only work in a single room, the Pest Free signal is designed to travel through all of your building’s wiring.  This ensures the unit is working in your walls and ceiling where pests love to nest and breed. Many customers have told us they have also seen significant reductions in ant activity.


Yes! Our patented Pest Free scientifically proven technology is safe for humans, cats, dogs and birds and will not affect computers, wireless security systems, or the electricity flow within the building. It is the family-safe, non-toxic, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly way to protect your home.

Plug-In Pest Free is maintenance-free and designed to last for years. This makes it an extremely cost-effective means of pest control in the long term.  Pest Free makes an ideal gift for family and friends too, as it really is the gift that keeps on giving 24/7, year after year.


Plug-In Pest Free has been scientifically tested against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches. Over the years many happy users all over the world have informed us of their delight that Pest Free has also rid their homes and businesses of many other pest problems, including, ants, white-tail spiders, bats, and possums. We would love to hear of your success stories too, so if you are currently experiencing pest problems try Plug-In Pest Free and join the millions of happy users around the world. After all, success is guaranteed, or your money back*.


All Pest Free products come with our *60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour.


“Don’t Spray & Regret, Plug-In & Forget”