Scientific Testing:

Pest Free was tested by Professors from the University of New England (UNE) to determine if it was beneficial for rodent pest control. You can read the full University Appraisal of Methodology & Findings report here.

In summary, a Professor of Zoology and a Professor of Botany carried out experiments to evaluate whether Plug-In Pest Free devices provide effective rodent pest control. Results conclusively showed that Pest Free devices work. Pest Free reduced food consumption and increased water consumption in rats and mice. Rodents suffered loss of appetite and increased thirst thereby disrupting their normal behaviour and reproduction when exposed to these electromagnetic forces. They concluded that Pest Free units are beneficial for rodent pest control.

Pest Free has also been tested and backed by the Hanoi Department of Science & Technology. In summary, test results showed that Pest Free products alter the background of the existing electromagnetic field in the electrical system. The short bursts directly affect the activity of rats, mice and cockroaches when they get close to the electromagnetic field. It makes them uncomfortable and they avoid the area. They concluded that Pest Free products are useful to control and get rid of rats, mice and cockroaches.

Federal Court win:

Pest Free’s testing and scientific data is clear. ACCC challenged Pest Free to prove their products worked. Pest Free submitted their evidence and the Federal Court in Sydney concluded that the scientific testing Pest Free had proves the efficacy of their products. The case was dropped and ACCC was ordered to pay costs.


Pest Free continues to research and improve its technology. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, we have designed and manufactured an improved Pest Free product with a new look. It offers a better, stronger service, which is free from the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals.

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