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The Most Trusted Name in Electronic Pest Control Around the World

Scientifically tested and proven to remove rats, mice and control cockroaches.

Looking for a natural electronic pest control device that is safe for all the family? Look no further!

PLUG-IN Pest Free® World Leader in Electromagnetic Pest Control Technology

Welcome to Pest Free New Zealand. You can effortlessly deter those annoying rodents and pests in your home or business with the most effective electronic pest control product on the market today. Electromagnetic pest control has massively increased in popularity, as many people all over the world move away from using poisons and other inhumane and toxic methods. Instead, they are opting for technology that is child-safe, and pet-friendly for their home, whilst also offering a far more humane way to control their rodent and pest problems. Our electromagnetic pest and rodent deterring devices are scientifically tested and consumer-proven to be effective against rats, mice, and to aid in the control of cockroaches.

With units lasting for years, Pest Free continues to be the most reliable and economic way to ensure your home is protected from these unwanted pests, now and long into the future. Working through the existing wiring systems in your home, one unit (dependent on size and model) is all you need to protect your entire home. Build your arsenal against pests by plugging in Pest Free and arming your building’s wiring to repel rodents and cockroaches.

Plug-In Pest Free (New Zealand) is locally owned and operated, and we are proud to continue bringing this highly effective Australian designed and patented system to the New Zealand market.


Our electromagnetic devices are scientifically tested and consumer-proven to work against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches. Simply plug in your Pest Free unit to deter pests in your home or business. It is the most effective pest and rodent control product on the market.

Plug In Pest Free is child and pet-friendly, and has become increasingly popular as people move away from poisons and traps. As reported by Jane Hansen, award winning journalist for The Daily Telegraph, even low levels of pesticides may increase the risk of cancer. Harvard School of Public Health researchers reviewed 16 studies done since the 1990s and found a small but significant increase in risk of childhood leukaemia and lymphoma. Their study was published in Pediatrics and noted that the children also had respiratory, stomach, nerve and hormone problems tied to pesticides.

If you are looking for natural pest control that is safe for people, animals and the environment, this is the perfect solution.

To make your home’s wiring your number one defence against rodents – ORDER TODAY.

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Looking for a natural electronic pest control device that is safe for all the family?

What our customers say


I am really amazed how effective this product is, I am telling everyone I can as I know so many people have mouse problems at this time of year. We used to have mice droppings in the kitchen and airing cupboards every winter. We are amazed at how effectively the Plug-In Pest Free works. We have tried numerous devices and traps on the market none have been effective, except for the Plug-In Pest Free and last winter, after 2 weeks, we were rodent free.

Recently our grandson managed to break the device and it wasn’t replaced until the mice came back in droves, droppings in the cupboards, on the bench tops. We finally bought two, one for the house and one for my art studio which also has had a plague of mice and again it took about 2 weeks and there is now not a sign of rodents in the house or studio. Our son now has one and his house is also mouse free.

We are so impressed with the product we are going to experiment by adding electrical circuitry and a Plug-In Pest Free to our large walk-in chicken coop where rats are eating eggs and disturbing and nibbling the hens’ feathers, fingers crossed, watch this space!
Jacky, Carterton

Thank you for dropping off. I have one of these in my house in Porirua. My neighbour has a rats nest and we are metres apart and we don’t get any rats over at our house. It works.

Marie, Porirua

Thank you, I have received the two units and have placed one in my sister’s house and one in mine. It’s awesome!!!  I have managed to catch up on lost sleep, haven’t heard or seen any since. Much appreciated.

Brenda M, Auckland City Hospital

It’s fantastic, we don’t get mice any more. ❤️

Adam V


We have proudly held the New Zealand license for Pest Free for 17 years now. Keeping Kiwi homes safe from toxic chemicals and free of unwelcome pests.

Plug-In Pest Free is the sole licensee of the original, scientifically tested & proven, Australian designed and patented Pest Free.

Honest, Effective, Guaranteed.

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The Many Benefits of Plug-In Pest Free

Environmentally Friendly Protection

  • Chemical-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • No Mess
  • Safe for your Children and Family
  • Pet Friendly
  • Invisible to Customers and Staff
  • Economical to Run
  • No Ongoing Costly Chemical Treatments
  • Maintenance Free
  • Designed to Last
  • HACCP APPROVED – Australian & International Certification
  • Completely manufactured Lead Free

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World Leader
Chemical-Free Technology
Scientifically Tested and Proven
Satisfied Customers Worldwide