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Why doesn’t Pest Free have the 3 in 1 technologies as advertised with other copycat electronic pest control products?

With a proven 98.5% success rate against rats, mice & aiding in the control of cockroaches since January 1995,  Plug-In Pest Free® is the leading electromagnetic pest control device in the world.  Pest Free is the ONLY chemical free technology that has been scientifically tested and proven in a leading Australian University by an Emeritus Professor.  For full details on the University of New England 2 year study and the recent testing undertaken at the Hanoi  Department of Science & Technology, for European product certification, click here.

Plug-In Pest Free® has received multiple exporting grants from the Australian Federal Government and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide enjoying a pest free environment without toxic and poisonous chemicals.


Please be wary of the company that is trying to pass off as the original Pest Free agents – they are using our full brand name ‘plug in pest free’ in a lot of their digital and print advertising, to mislead customers into thinking they have the original, scientifically tested and proven Pest Free technology.  They do not, and have never had, the New Zealand license for Pest Free. 

We have proudly held the New Zealand license for over 12 years, and no, it hasn’t ‘recently been sold’ (which recent callers have been told)!!!  This dishonest behaviour is now being prepared for presentation to the New Zealand Commerce Commission, but in the meantime, we do want to warn buyers of these false and misleading claims made by certain importers of copycat products in the marketplace. Why waste money with a company who claims their product rids rats, mice and cockroaches, if that company feels the need to deceive you into thinking you are buying our scientifically tested technology?

For more information about competitor products and their false and misleading claims click here

You can be assured: Plug-In Pest Free is the sole licensee of the original, scientifically tested & proven, Australian designed and patented Pest Free: Honest, Effective & Guaranteed.

Why is this non-toxic technology becoming increasingly critical for our homes?

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  • Environmentally Friendly Protection
  • No Chemicals
  • No Fumes
  • No Smell
  • No Mess
  • Economical to Run
  • Maintenance Free
  • Designed to Last
  • Safe for Customers and Staff
  • HACCP APPROVED – Australian & International Certification
  • Completely manufactured Lead Free!!!
  • No ongoing Costly Chemical Treatmentswatchmore