Plug-In Pest Free Case Study

Skeptics find it hard to believe that plugin rodent control units work. Plug-In Pest Free just plugs into a power outlet and doesn’t use chemicals. How can it possibly work?

Coles Myer was one such skeptic. Like many companies that store food products, they were facing a severe rodent problem in their stores, causing loss of stock and profit across their supermarkets. Both staff and customers were reporting visual sightings of rats and mice. They had been using conventional methods via qualified pest contractors for the last three years. These conventional methods had reduced rodent activity but had not succeeded in eradicating the rats and mice. They were highly skeptical that a simple plugin rodent repeller would work.

So Coles Myer conducted a two-year trial of Pest Free commercial units across a range of different sized stores, different aged buildings, in different Australian locations to evaluate its effectiveness.

The results?

Rodent activity ceased and did not return while the units were in place. One store tested removing the units and had a re-infestation within seven weeks. Once Plug-In Pest Free units were replaced, sightings and activity ceased within five days. The results were significant enough for Coles Myers to implement our Pest Free across their brands, and submit their findings to us.

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