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How does Plug In Pest Free work?

Pest Free®, when in operation, alters the background of the existing electromagnetic field already contained within a building’s structure.

The unit operates by switching a coil across the Active and Neutral leads of the electrical supply wiring. This produces short bursts of electromotive force at 50Hz. It feeds down the wiring, effectively modulating the existing electromagnetic field created by the 50Hz supply at the frequency of these bursts, as the coil is switched on and off.

Does Plug In Pest Free work against rats and mice?

Pest Free® is the only product of its kind to have been scientifically tested and proven to work. It was proven in experiments conducted by a Emeritus Professor of Zoology and Botany at a leading Australian University.

Pest Free has been tested and backed by the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology.

Coles Myer trialed Plug In Pest Free as they had a rodent problem. They been using conventional pest control for three years and had still not managed to get rid of rats and mice. They conducted a two year trial with us and Plug In Pest Free worked where conventional pest control did not.

Pest Free units have HACCP International Certification. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognised system that is used to identify and manage significant food safety hazards to ensure food safety. Pest Free is the only electromagnetic technology that has this certification.

Pest Free® is manufactured to meet the highest Standards and meets all Australian Safety Standards and is “C” Tick Approved.

Plus we have many customer reviews and testimonials showing that Plug In Pest Free works.

The Pest Free® Technology is safe for cats, dogs, birds and computers. It does not affect the electricity flow in a building. It is family safe, environmentally responsible, long-term cost effective and maintenance free.

If you have rats, mice or cockroaches, you need Plug In Pest Free. No chemicals, no fumes, no smell, no mess. Family safe, non-toxic, environmentally responsible, and long-term cost effective. Join the hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world using Pest Free® in their homes.

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