Make the switch to Pest Free today


Rodents are an ever-growing problem throughout the world. They consume and contaminate millions of tonnes of food annually and spread many deadly diseases. Rodent repellers are essential.

Unfortunately, today the reflex actions of most business & home owners are to arrange another ongoing & expensive traditional poisonous chemical treatment from a pest controller. This action does not solve the long term problem and the harmful effects of some chemicals over the years, can sometimes be more deadly to humans than the “Disease” the rodents themselves spread.

We believe our patented scientifically tested chemical free pest management system will change the world from where chemicals were only used to treat and control Rats, Mice & Cockroaches. Our chemical free technology is better for our environment not only for our own health but for the health of our children now and for the children of generations to come.

Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd recognises and accepts its role as a responsible corporate company to respect our precious environment.

We will strive for continual improvement to the manufacturing and performance of our patented chemical free product as an alternative to the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals against rats, mice and cockroaches.

The Rodent Problems Faced By Company’s and Businesses Today:

  1. Getting Worse
  2. Rapid Birth Rate
  3. Immunity to Poisons
  4. Loss of Food, Stock & Property
  5. Spreading Disease
  6. Environmental Concern World Wide
  7. Costs, Problems & Inefficiency of Ongoing Chemical Treatments
  8. Public & Employee Chemical Health Concerns.

Losses to rodents in terms of dollars can equate to almost three times that of theft and to almost four times that of net profits earned.

The Plug-In Pest Free result is amazing with reduced rodent activity and erratic patterns. The rodents are not as alert as they normally can be, hence control becomes apparent as most leave the area under the stress the Pest Free Technology places them under.

Pest Free is fully endorsed by the International HACCP Food Safety Programme in accordance with the standards of HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation Systems.