Plug In Pest Free is the one and only scientifically tested and proven electronic pest control. Adding extra features so we can say we have ‘3 technologies in 1’ would just be a marketing gimmick and we don’t need any marketing gimmicks. Plug In Pest Free works.

The ‘3 technologies in 1’ that some plug in pest control units refer to are electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic.

Ionic technology

They describe this technology as emitting negative ions into the atmosphere creating discomfort and unease. Creating an uncomfortable feeling and an unsettling environment.

If this is the case, and a pest control unit was emitting ions that caused discomfort, wouldn’t it would affect people and their pets too?

Ultrasonic technology

They claim that the ultrasonic technology emits a high frequency sound that annoys and unsettles rodents.

However insects and rodents need to be in direct line of sight with the device.

We also note that suppliers with these devices advise that you should turn the unit off should you or your pets be disturbed by the sound. So this noise annoys and unsettles humans and pets too? And wouldn’t turning it off mean that the unit would stop working?

Electromagnetic technology

Electromagnetic technology utilities the existing wiring to send pulses through the building which drives our pests.

This is the technology Plug In Pest Free uses. There are many copycat products claiming to use the same technology, but Pest Free is the only plug in electromagnetic pest control that has been proven to work. It has undergone rigorous scientific testing and has full International HACCP approval.

So we don’t make claims about having ‘3 technologies in 1’. We use the best technology, and have evidence to prove that our technology works. So we don’t need marketing gimmicks. We simply state the facts. Plug In Pest Free works.