This is very simple – because Pest Free has the one (and only) scientifically tested and proven technology that ACTUALLY works.  We simply see no point in adding in worthless features that will not assist you in removing rats and mice and controlling cockroaches, as we already promise to do – and deliver on.

Our electromagnetic pulsations, as shown in our comparison video on our website, are stronger and more authentic than any of the competitor products we have looked at.  One of these and another similar product were lambasted on Fair Go earlier this year, as they simply do not work.  We know one provided has since swapped their casing after the Fair Go item, and changed the name (to one remarkably similar to a Pest Free device) but of course, it is still a substandard device, requiring multiple units in a home, and yet claiming it has 3 wonderful technologies of which none have passed rigorous testing to prove they actually work.

Let’s just have a quick look at what these other technologies ‘claim’ to do.  Of course, they have not undertaken any quality, scientific protocols, such as the two-year blind testing that Pest Free commissioned, to prove their products do what they do, but let’s look at what they ‘claim’.

Here’s a copy of one of our competitors (word for word) comments from one of their listings on Trade Me … and they even use our brand name throughout their website.

The #1 plug in pest free* device on the market.

*Comment by Pest Free:  Yes, they do love to use our name, as they know if they can deceive the buyer, they might just convince them they are buying the real thing!!

-Protects your building from Rats, Mice & Cockroaches.
-No Traps, Baits or Poisons
-Ideal for the home, office, or other businesses
-1-2 units – for 1-2bdrm homes 3+ units – for larger homes**

**Comment by Pest Free: ONE Pest Free Pro unit will cover a huge home – up to 400sqm in fact!

-Uses THREE Different Technologies – most similar units on the market just use ONE.


-Ionic Technology – emits negative Ions in the atmosphere, creating discomfort and unease***. Ions– The device emits negative Ions into the atmosphere much like before a storm, creating an uncomfortable feeling and unsettling environment***.

***Comment by Pest Free: If an ionic feature was going to do anything to the air that would cause rats and mice ‘discomfort and unease’ in your home, you can be very certain it would also be having the same negative effect on your pets, and you.  We all have the same respiratory systems, and all rely on the same quality air to thrive.  We would never want to cause any harm to any living being by emitting negative ions into your atmosphere!!!


-Ultrasonic – A high-frequency sound to annoy and unsettle all Rodents**** Ultrasonic– A very high pitched noise that annoys and upsets Mice, Rats and Cockroaches, but is safe around pets and other animals. Humans are not able to hear this frequency****.

****Comment by Pest Free: Once again, there has never been any conclusive evidence that Ultrasonic units have a long-term effect on rats and mice, and certainly not on cockroaches.  These products have been discredited and taken off the market many times over the last 23 years.  Pest Free are the only manufacturers of this technology that have proven in a court of law that their product works.  Also, as staunch advocates for Animal Welfare (in fact the Managing Director of Pest Free, New Zealand is a Lecturer in Animal Care and Welfare), we would never want to cause any harm to any living being by emitting sounds into your home that may cause annoyance, and certainly not to you or your pets, even if it may only be temporary!!!  We note too that suppliers who have these alleged ultrasonic parts to their devices, even advise on their website, that should you find you or your pets are disturbed by the sound, simply ‘turn it off’.  What can we say?  Again, we don’t want to sell you something you then have to ‘turn off’!


-Electromagnetic – utilises the existing wiring in the home or business by sending random pulses along the electromagnetic fields.

Comment by Pest Free: Yes, this is indeed similar to the Pest Free technology that has been tested and proven successful for over 23 years.  However, there is nothing ‘random’ about ours!  Our testing, as shown in our comparison video, would clearly indicate that although many try to imitate our product, none manage to emulate the superb STRONG signal that Plug-In Pest Free utilises in your home, delivering you the results that will keep your home PEST FREE!

Plug-In Pest Free is the only product of its kind on the market that has undergone rigorous scientific testing and has full International HACCP approval.  You can view the abstract from the scientific testing done at a leading Australian University by an Emeritus Professor of 42 years experience in Entomology & Zoology here.

Pest Free tested a range of imported products that claimed to work in a manner similar to Pest Free.  As you can see here, they did not.

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